Birthday Loot and New Ink

Hey, guess what! I turned 30! Between traveling and dealing with moving, I haven't had a chance to share my birthday loot with you guys. I'm short on time, so here's a drive-by rundown of my gifts.

Custom Holly Aiken Auxiliary, which I got because I am a big believer in buying birthday gifts for myself. I bought it weeks before my birthday because I am also a big believer in being grossly impatient.

First gift of the day was some new Birks from the hubby. I started wearing Birkenstocks when they were trendy 15+ years ago (God, I'm old) but I never stopped because they're so damn comfortable.

Second gift of the day (and second gift to myself) was this tattoo. Seven seventeen represents Luke and Josie's shared birthday, July 17, and the lettering was drawn by my best good friend, Libby, so this piece is packed with meaning, in addition to being a memento of turning 30.

While I was at the tattoo shop I got a wedding band tattoo. I don't like to wear my rings when I travel, for fear of losing or damaging them, but I still want a visual reminder of my commitment, and all that other mushy stuff. Nothing fancy, just a simple line. I literally told him "You see the indention where my rings were? Trace that."

Later that night I had a small get-together, which turned into a good-bye party for the old house. My lovely friends brought me a candle, a vintage print and a Jonathan Adler owl vase for the new house. I have the best group of friends.

Lastly, the opal ring (my birthstone) I not-so-subtly hinted about for months that ended up arriving 2 weeks after my birthday because my husband still forgot to order it in time. This is why I nag.

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