Funny Friday - Aug 15

We have started playing High/Low at dinner, which is a game where everyone at the table tells their favorite and least favorite part of the day. On this particular day, we were eating pasta with spinach.
Me: What was your best part of the day?
Luke: When you told Josie "no m'am."
Me: What was your worst part?
Luke: Knowing about this green stuff.

August 2, breakfast
Luke: Daddy, my tummy doesn't feel so good.
Steven: Go sit on the potty.
a few minutes later
Luke: Daddy, I just had my first August poop!

Me and Turtle have to make a newspaper from Canada.

Luke: What's that?
Me: Almonds. Would you like to try one?
Luke: Yes.
Me: What do you think? Do you like it?
Luke: I do!
Me: Nona likes almonds, and Nana likes almonds, and Mommy likes almonds.
Luke: And grandpa?
Me: No, grandpa doesn't like almonds. He likes pizza, and hamburgers.
Luke: And Mountain Dew!

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