Hello? Is This Thing On?

Man, I'm terrible. I haven't posted in almost 2 months! If there were an award for worst blogger, I'm sure I'd be in the running.

Ever since I've gone back to work it's been a challenge to even keep up with laundry and dishes, much less exercise, do crafts or write blog posts. Also, if I'm not around the kids all day I have less fodder for my 'Funny Friday' posts. However I want to make more of an effort to document our lives, partly for you readers, but mostly because I don't scrapbook and I don't make baby books. This blog (and my bountiful Instagram feed) is the only record I have of the kids. So to make up for lost time, here's the highlight reel:

Luke is thriving at school. Last weekend we had his first school-friend birthday party. He seems to be well-liked by his classmates and teachers, despite reports that he never. stops. talking.

I went back to work when Josie was 10.5 weeks old. I enjoy my job and I actually missed my co-workers. Also, I was seriously missing adult conversation, real pants, and a boss that doesn't scream at me if she needs to burp.

Steven's sister got married in October. She was a beautiful bride, but more importantly Luke was the cutest ring bearer ever. After he walked down the aisle, he stood in front of the best man, said "catch!" then tossed the ring pillow to him. Luckily, no wedding bands were lost or damaged in the making of this anecdote. Josie was honorary flower girl, but she slept through the whole party.

Halloween came and went. Josie wore Luke's old lobster costume, I broke out the chef jacket again, and Luke went as my sous chef. They were a big hit in the neighborhood.

I cut my hair! Steven has a preference for long hair - it's more feminine, attractive, blah blah blah - and blatantly doing something I know he hates isn't my style. BUT Josie likes to grab earbud cords, hoodie strings, MY HAIR, and then shove it in her adorable, slobber-filled mouth. Therefore hubby doesn't get a vote and my hair had to go. I love it and I have no plans to grow it back out anytime soon.

Josie is growing up so quickly! She is getting better at unassisted sitting and last week she rolled from front to back for the first time. She coos and is thisclose to full-on giggling.

She can't crawl yet, which is good because I am constantly taking her picture and that gets much harder once the little bugger can get away from me.

She is a fairly easy-going baby, like Luke was. She sleeps through the night (thank goodness) and is getting past her if I'm awake I'm bored and therefore mad phase. She's not on a regular nap schedule yet, but at least she does nap during the day. She's pretty good about being out and about, so the stroller and the Ergo are our best friends.

Luke is finally taking an interest in his sister. He talks to her, sings to her, and when she's fussy his presence calms her down. He calls her his "little pearl" which is adorable. One of her favorite activities is to sit in her bumbo chair and watch him play.

I'll be back in a few days with a new Funny Friday!

And here's a few more photos of Josie, for good measure.

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