Funny Friday - Nov 29

Luke: Where's Daddy?
Me: At the office, he had to work late.
Josie coos
Luke: What did Josie say?
Me: She said Daddy is working so hard for our family.
Luke: No she didn't.
Me: Oh, really? What DID she say?
Luke: She said she loves her big brother. That's what she said.

Luke: I don't like this show, can I watch Special Agent Oso instead?
Nanny: I'm sorry, you can't. I already deleted it from the DVR.
Luke: You can't delete shows! Nanny, you're not thinking of others.

Luke hands Steven's dad a piece of chocolate
Grandpa, you've been good. You can have some candy.

It was bottle o'clock, so Josie was shrieking
Mommy, can you put Josie on the other side of the door so I can't hear her?

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We got Josie a blue Exersaucer
Luke: Mommy, do you like my blueprint machine?
Me: Blueprint machine?
Luke: Yes. First you put the 2 cookies in the bucket. Then you roll it and swirl it up, pick which bowl you want to put it in, add the flour, then it pops back into the bucket. That's how the blueprint machine works.

Luke discovered my tattoo, which is my zodiac symbol on my lower back
Luke: Mommy, what's that? You have an M on your butt.
Me: Oh, that's just my tattoo.
Luke: You're not supposed to have an M on your butt. I'm going to erase it.
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Me: Did you poop yet?
Luke: Yes! It's invisible.
Me: looks in the toilet You didn't poop.
Luke: Yes I did. It's invisible so you can't see it, but it's still gross.

Me: I stole a smooch!
Luke: No! You can't steal a smooch, those are Nanny's.

Mommy, you stay in the living room or Daddy will burn you in the kitchen.

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