Funny Friday - Jul 26

Lots to share this week. Partly because we've been home all day to hear him talk, but also (I'm guessing) because he's been gunning for attention with Josie in the mix. Enjoy!

Luke pats Josie on the tummy.Don't cry sweetheart. It's ok.She wasn't crying.

#2Steven: Why are there 2 tubes of butt paste on the changing table?Me: There's not. Wait, what else have you been using?

#3Me: Do you want to hold your sister?Luke: Um, no. I want to play with my iPad.

#4Luke: Love you, Daddy! Love you, Josie!Me: Good night, Luke. I love you.Luke: I love you too, Turtle!

#5Me: Tell Daddy I want a muffin.Luke: Daddy, do you want a muffin?

#6Dr G: Can you draw a picture of your daddy?Luke draws Daddy, but with no legsDr G: What about legs? What is daddy standing on?Luke: The floor.

#7Luke: Daddy, don't touch my beard. Don't. Touch. My beard. No matter what. It makes me scream.Me: Why does it make you scream?Luke: Because don't touch my beard.

#8Grandpa: Let's talk about Josie.Luke: Uh, not yet. You have to be quiet, Grandpa. You have to be quiet, too, Nona.

#9Nona: Who's your favorite sister?Luke: Josie!Nona: Who's your second favorite sister?Luke: Grandpa.

#10While changing Josie's diaperHey, she's got a hiney in the front!

Luke: I have to go poo-poo.
Luke sits on the potty for about a minute
Luke: I'm all done!
Daddy: Already? Did you poo-poo?
Luke: Yes. Two poops, a triangle and a cylinder.
Crazy thing is, he was right. One was a triangle and one was a cylinder. I have no idea how he knew that.

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