Funny Friday - Mar 22

Eating a light dinner of grapes, crackers and cheese cubes
Daddy: Is it good cheese?
Luke: Um, I'm just eating grapes.

Daddy: Are you hungry for breakfast? Do you want a waffle?
Luke: No. Well, maybe a little bit.

A-booyah Dukies! A-booyah Dukies! A-booyah, a-booyah, a-booyah Dukies!
Luke chanting against the Duke Blue Devils

I need a tissue! I have a booger. I wipe his nose. Wait, don't forget my finger! It's all wet.

Me: Go play in the living room. It's time for me to get dressed and I would like some privacy.
Luke plays by himself while I get ready.
Me: Time to go. Let's put your coat on.
Luke: Oh, Mama, you're done with your privacy!

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