Funny Friday - Jan 18

Sorry Funny Friday - and the blog in general - took a bit of a break. The holidays are my favorite time of the year but they wear me out. Also, as Luke gets older and his thinking becomes more refined what he says is becoming less funny and more observational. Don't worry, I'll still keep sharing.


Luke: Where's Daddy?
Me: Daddy went to work.
Luke: Daddy has to go to work so he can buy lots of money!

getting Luke undressed at the end of the day
Luke: My sock turned into a foot!
Me: It sure did.
Luke: It's a fancy foot.

We've gotten Luke into the habit of going pee in the potty, standing up, first thing every morning
I peed a whole bunch!

Luke saw me and Steven sitting together in a chair and a half
Mommy loves Daddy! Daddy loves Mommy!

watching football at my in-laws house
Come here Grandpa! Come here little chubby boy!

walking to the car
Luke: It's foggy Mommy!
Me: Yes, it is.
Luke: Let's spell 'foggy.'
Me: f-o-g-g-y spells foggy.
later than night we wrote 'foggy' on his magna-doodle
Luke: f-o-g-g-y... that spells foggy!

a friend of mine recently gifted me a t-shirt that has intentional paint splatters across the text
Luke: You got paint on my letters!

I may have taught Luke to talk like the ermahgerd girl
Her! Ermahgerd, perngwern! (which translate to Hey! Oh my god, penguin!)
He now says this every time he sees a penguin - parenting high point or low point, you decide

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