Making the Case for an Only Child

95% of the time, Luke is so incredibly funny/smart/cute that I wouldn't mind having 10 more just like him.

But then something unbelievable happens and I seriously ask myself "Do I really want another one of these?"

This is a tale from the 5 percent.

We have been working with Luke on peeing standing up. He's still not potty trained, meaning he will still go in his pull-up and he almost never tells us he needs to use the toilet, but if we put him on the potty he will gladly do his business if he needs to go. We added in the stand-up pee a few weeks ago and he's doing well. He seems so proud of himself when he does it.

One morning I stood Luke on his stool and aimed him at the toilet. I left the room to give him some privacy. A short time later I could hear him peeing and he shouted "I did it!"

I ran into the bathroom to praise him only to find that Luke had done more than pee. Yes, dear readers, Luke had pooped on the floor while standing up. Granted I had never told him not to do that, but that's because I thought I didn't need to.

I immediately sat him on the toilet just in case he wasn't done. When he saw his turds he said

"I dropped something on the floor!"

Yes you did, Luke. Yes you did.

1 comment:

  1. Go Luke, you've got a 95% approval rating. That's better than the current Congress.

    Dear Mom, I know you assume certain things are common sense and you wouldn't have to tell your child to do or in this case not do certain things. Please re-read "Lord of the Flies". Hopefully you will realize that WE ALL need constant parenting. This is why there are laws and warning labels.

    PS. The sanest moms set expectation really low, that's why they can be overjoyed at the little things, like: Hey Timmy, you didn't eat that booger hanging from your nostril for the past 3 days. Good job, buddy! You're a big boy!

    PPS. Kudos to Luke for noticing he dropped something. Most kids would have walked away like "It's not mine, i don't know how it got there."