More Pictures!

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Luke has been extra adorable lately. Here's proof:

she thinks my tractor's sexy
he lines up his goldfish before he eats them - the apple doesn't fall far, as they say
bananas are delicious and thought provoking
enjoying the spring weather
mother/son silliness
sweet little toddler feet under the table
don't let the feet fool you, this is what he looks like when he eats :)
Nana took him shoe shopping. He got some Sauconys...
... and he got some Converse
as a Converse wearer myself, I approve his shoe choice
Luke's first engineering accomplishment
sand on your face means a good days' work
sandy hands

As you can see, Luke is loving his sandbox. It was a Christmas gift from Nana and the weather has finally allowed us to get outside and play!

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