You Guys Have Got To Get One Of These

In preparation for our upcoming family beach trip I bought a sun tent. I figured it would be easier to keep Luke out of the sun with a tent rather than an umbrella. After some online shopping and review reading, I settled on the Genji Sports Pop-Up Tent, priced at around $35. Folding it back up takes some getting used to, but I was immediately in love with setting it up. All you do is throw it, and it unfolds itself. Seriously. Then it only needs a few stakes to keep it in place.

Luckily for me, the tent came in the mail in time for our anniversary beach weekend, so we took the tent along for a test drive. I'm in love. The little tent is the perfect size for 2 (low to the ground) chairs, a cooler and a duffel bag or two. We did learn that the included stakes work well for dirt but don't work so hot in sand, so we're thinking about buying some snow/sand anchors.

Once we got home I realized our tent - purchased for beach trips and tailgating - makes an excellent outdoor play space for Luke (and me). Steven and I often bring Luke outside with us if we're working in the garden, and now we can easily keep him out of the sun and away from the grass he loves to eat so much. Since the tent is so easy to put up and take down, I won't hesitate to use it all the time.

So, that's my review. The tent is awesome and you should buy one or two for your next beach trip or backyard play session.

NOTE: No one paid me or gave me free stuff in return for my opinions.
OTHER NOTE: I have been trying to post this since Sunday, but Blogger was giving me all kinds of trouble. The problem was finally solved by switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox, which I now realize I should have done a long time ago. Why didn't you guys tell me Firefox is so much better? Nobody paid me to say that either.

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  1. We're going to the beach in a couple of weeks and I was just about to buy an umbrella or something when I just read this. It looks great, so I was ready to get one. Sad news - Amazon says they're out of stock of this tent.

    I'll look elsewhere to see if I can find one.