If You're Allergic To Cuteness, Look Away Now

It has been forever since I did a Makin' Faces post. For-ev-er. So, without further ado I bring you lots of pictures of my boy that I lovingly compiled hastily grabbed from my phone.


bath time

Hoover Dam, with Daddy

sink bath at Mama Hubal's house

NC State track suit, ACC tourney weekend

Mr Mysterious

afternoon at the neighborhood park


with my Grandmama and Granddaddy

Luke's first Merlefest, with my Dad
(shirt courtesy of Nana)

eating ice cream with Nana and Papa Bruce


his preferred sleeping position

standing on his own and rockin' some seersucker shorts

posing with his bunny

the life behind bars

"riding" his dinosaur walker/scooter

backyard cutie

courtesy of my new obsession, the Shake It photography app

post-bath smiles

That should hold you for a while. His first birthday will be here before we know it (ACK!!) so I'll have lots more photos from the party soon!

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