Thank You For Being A Friend

Before I had Luke I had all sorts of hopes and dreams for myself as a mother my boobs . They were fairly small and perky, so I didn't worry about post-nursing sag. Nowhere for them to go, right?


I thought my small boobs wouldn't be able to sag much; not enough material. Unfortunately that is not the case. Through the MIRACLE OF SCIENCE my boobs have found a way. It turns out going from empty to REALLY EFFING FULL over and over and over again can deflate even the perkiest boobs. In honor of the occasion, I have named them Blanche and Dorothy.

That's right. The girls are still feisty, but they have packed up their caftans and their slouch boots and migrated south.

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  1. If you have a Nordstrom anywhere near you - GO! They are the BEST at fittings and can lift those girlies right back to where they belong...You're probably even bigger than you realize! Happens all the time ;)