Houston We Have A Tooth*

*To be fair, I have to give Steven credit for that line. But I have a blog and he doesn't, so I get to use it. HA!

Last night we were watching American Idol doing something highly intellectual and Luke needed a diaper change. Since he is inexplicably happy on his changing table, he was smiling and giggling as I changed him and tickled him. (Seriously, baby giggles are like crack to me.) In the middle of a laugh I saw something shiny and white peeking out from under his tongue. I pulled his lip down for a closer look and, sure enough, there was a tiny little tooth! (I tried to take a picture of this but he is very wiggly and sticks his tongue out anytime something comes near his mouth, so you can imagine how well that went.)

He has been pre-teething for 3 months, i.e. drooling and chewing on everything, with no teeth in sight. Last week we could feel a tooth about to erupt and then last night it arrived! His mood or level of fussiness never changed despite having a tooth rip its way through his gums, so hooray for laid-back baby. Here's hoping he stays this happy for the rest of them.

In honor of this milestone, I leave you with this clip from Family Guy:

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