2 Balls, 1 Strike

No, I'm not talking about baseballs. Or footballs. Or even basketballs. I am talking about baby balls.

Luke has been very interested in his hands for the past month. He chews them, and clasps them together, and sometimes he will just stare as he moves and wiggles them. On the development 'to-do' list, we can put a big check next to 'finding his hands.'

He hasn't quite found his feet yet. Every now and then he will accidentally grab a foot, but then he will let go and can't find it again. However, he has learned to grab something... in between.

Whether it's bath time or diaper time, he grabs his crotch at least once. It was particularly fun when, during a diaper change, he reached down and grabbed a handful of poop-covered balls, then tried to stick his hand in his mouth. Oy.

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  1. Don't you just hate it? Sometimes I have to call for back-up during a diaper change because I don't have enough hands to hold hands, feet, wipes, and diapers.