The New "Mom" Jean

I have found my new "Mom" jeans. Don't worry - there isn't a pleat in sight.

I was at Old Navy the other day (see, I told you my birthday money was burning a hole in my pocket) and I fell in love with the Sweetheart Skinny.

Most skinny jeans have a low rise. For all you childless gals, that look couldn't be cuter. But I'm a mom now and my firm baby bump has turned (back) into belly flab. That means low-rise jeans only lead to one place: Muffin-Top City.

Just because I push a stroller and drive a sensible sedan doesn't mean I'm willing to give up trendy pants. This is why the Sweetheart is so perfect. They're skinny jeans WITH A MEDIUM RISE! Pardon my enthusiasm, but did you just read that? I can wear skinny jeans without turning my midsection into a pastry!

I bought 2 pairs, but I left enough behind for you. What are you waiting for? Go shopping!

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