End Of The Year Blow-Out - Everything Must Go!

As soon as Luke was big/strong enough, we have been putting him down for tummy time. Unfortunately he HATES it. He immediately starts to scream and has no interest in pushing up or rolling over.

Fast-forward to last weekend.

Steven and Luke were sitting on the couch when he had his first diaper blow-out. (Not Steven, Luke. Steven's up to diaper blow-out number 4.) This was an up-the-back blow-out and Luke was kind enough to get poop on himself and the blanket he was sitting on. The silver lining: Luke thinks pooping is HILARIOUS and grins and giggles during a diaper change. It's hard to be mad at something that cute.

We immediately sprang into action: I grabbed Luke and Steven started cleaning the blanket. Since Luke had poop on his back, his diaper and the seat of his pants I had no choice but to put him face-down on the changing table. You can probably guess where I am going with this. As I was frantically wiping, and wiping, and wiping - seriously, how does such a little body hold so much waste? - Luke chose that exact moment to try rolling over.

We were THISCLOSE to having a poopy butt print smeared on the wall.

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