Truths of Motherhood - Part 1

- When you become a mother time ceases to pass beyond the birth of your baby. For example, I got a wedding invitation in the mail this week and the RSVP card needed to be returned by October 1. I thought "Odd. Why are they giving people so long to respond?" You see, in my mind, Luke was born in July and he's still a newborn so it's late July, early August at the latest. Then I realized that it's actually mid September, I have to do the RSVP right away and OHMYGODMYBABYISGROWINGUP.

- When you become a mother you begin a life on constantly doing laundry. Before I had Luke I would do laundry once a week, at most. I wouldn't let it really pile up or get out of hand, but the hampers were always nice and full before I would start a load. Now, we have this snowball effect.

"Oh, we're running low on diapers. I should wash some."
"Well, if I'm washing whites I should go ahead and do a whole load."
"I might as well wash the colors and darks too."

So this is now my life. I do laundry all the time and I can't stop myself.

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