A Shift In My Thinking

When I first got pregnant I had this overwhelming feeling that this baby is a girl. In fact, I was even so bold to say so on the blog and refer to the baby as "she." Now I'm not so sure.

I don't know what changed (if anything) but now I have been having second thoughts. I haven't gone the other way, meaning I'm not convinced that it's a boy either.

I suppose if someone held me down and forced me to predict the gender I would still guess it's a girl, but in my mind it's kind of a 60/40 split as opposed to the 95/5 conviction I had earlier.

I should probably make it clear that I don't care what we have. I won't be disappointed with either outcome. I can totally see myself as a mom of a bunch of boys, but then I think about Steven with a daddy's girl and my heart melts. So please don't think I've got my heart set on anything other than a healthy baby.

Something else that's weird: most people that know me personally think I'm having a girl, but strangers guess that I'm having a boy. In fact, I recently had the following conversation with the manager of the Subway near my house:

Subway Manager: You having a boy?
Me: We don't know yet.
SM: It's a boy. How much longer until you find out?
Me: I'm due in 6 weeks, so we're going to let it be a surprise.
SM: Oh, it's a boy.
Me: We'll see. I'd be happy either way.
SM: It's a boy.

Tell me, moms, did you ever go back and forth on your predictions? Were you right?


  1. I'm still on the side of the Subway Manager. It's a boy!

  2. i went back and forth, but... my initial feelings were right for both kids :) (1st girl, 2nd boy ;) momma's usually have the right intuition. usually ;)