Bursting My Bubble

I hadn't written a nice, juicy rant in a while and I had a nice one all planned out for you. Then, I was told I was *gasp* wrong, and my rant went out the window.

The time window for my glucose tolerance test was fast approaching and I was convinced I could get out of it. I had it in my head that it wasn't necessary and I wasn't about to subject myself to a barrage of "routine" tests just to err on the side of caution. Here's how all that played out at today's check-up.

Midwife: So I see the nurse gave you the information you'll need for your glucose test. Do you have any questions?

Me: Yeah, can I just not do it?

Midwife: blank stare Is there a reason?

Me: Umm, I was just hoping to avoid any routine tests that aren't critical. I only want to be tested if I'm actually at risk for something.

Midwife: The glucose test isn't risky. You don't even have to fast first.

Me: Yeah I know, I just don't want to do it. mumble something stupid

Midwife: looks at my chart Hm, well, you're fat so you have to do it.*

Me: Oh, okay then. overly cheerful in a very lame way You can't blame a girl for trying!

So the bad news is I have to have the stupid test. I hear the glucose drink is TERRIBLE but at least it comes in fun flavors like fruit punch, grape and kitty litter (I picked fruit punch, btw).

But the good news is I asked the midwife her thoughts on birth plans and I won't need one. I was undecided on whether or not I wanted to get into that. If I were to write one, it would be so that my birthing team knows I don't want all those new fangled interventions - I want to kick this old school. But I also knew that choosing a midwife over an OB would get me a long way in that direction. My midwife assured me that their philosophy is to go natural as long as mom and baby are safe, but if it would make me feel better I can give the L&D nurses a heads up of what I'm comfortable with. Of course, any birth plan shouldn't be too rigid because that's exactly when they end up going out the window. So, yay for that. I plan to write an informal birth plan, here on the blog, after I finish all my reading and research.

*Not her actual words. Something more like "Based on BMI... pre-pregnancy yours was too high... at risk for diabetes... blah blah blah."

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