Bump Photo - Week 24

First, let me say I looked a lot cuter this morning. I had a meeting with clients at Fort Bragg, so I was all dressed up for work. But then the car ride was long, I felt all wrinkled and gross, so I stripped down to my undershirt and threw on some jeans before I remembered it was picture day. Sigh.

I also wanted to share a quick story to prove that no man is perfect. You see that little pink streak right in the corner where my tank is touching my pants? Well, Steven spied it and said "Look, you got your first stretch mark!" It's legal to kill for that, right?

During our little photo shoot I wanted to pose with my oldest 'child' Pop-Tart. She's 3 and quite uncooperative for pictures, but I love her dearly. Please excuse her glowing eyes.

Or if you can't look past them, at least pretend they're something awesome, like laser-eyes.

Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity

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