A Bird-Brained Idea

I haven't quite put together a mood board for the nursery, but I have started to gather ideas.

I have picked out a general color palette of navy, ivory and robin's egg blue, but haven't yet bought any paint or fabric to lock it down. The nursery will not have a "theme" such as trains, the circus or Winnie the Pooh. If I had to identify a theme it would be "It's my house and I'm paying for this stuff, so I better darn well like it." Also incorporated into the theme is "We don't know if we're having a boy or girl but, darn it, girls can like blue too."

So, for non-essential decor items I am pulling together cute items that are cute enough for a girl, but not too precious for a boy. Or if they do end up being too precious as a boy gets older, I can move them somewhere else because they're still awesome.
My latest obsession, inspired by this photo, is a grouping of small (empty) birdcages hanging in the corner.

photo from _cub's flickr stream, found via oh, hello friend

I just love the texture of the birdcages hanging en masse. The challenge will be to find cool birdcages that don't cost a fortune. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

What do you think?

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