We're Hedging Our Bets

Yesterday I went shopping with my Mom to help her buy new clothes for her new important job. I'm so pround of her!

Our last stop was Old Navy, to hit the after-Christmas sales and stock up on basic tops and layering pieces. The sales were plentiful and we found some great stuff for her. And a few for me. What? I'm only human female.

As if Old Navy knew how susceptible I am to adorable baby clothes, they put the infant section RIGHT NEXT TO the dressing rooms. I could not resist. They had onesies, footie pajamas and striped, ruffle-butt leggins! Ruffle-butt leggins people! Then Mom and I saw the elephant onesie and let out a collective "Aww."

You must know that my Mom has always been fond of elephant decor. Don't ask me why, just go with it. So when we saw the little elephants and tiny pink hearts we had to grab one. I believe her words were something along the lines of "I don't care if it's not a girl. It's too cute not to buy." I reminded her that I think it's a girl and that sealed the deal. We got it in 6-9 mo, so hopefully it will fit for Valentine's Day 2011.

When I got it home, Steven even agreed that it's not too girly for a boy to wear because he'd be too young to know any different. YAY! Even if it's not a girl, I can still use it.

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